W&A Monthly Newsletter, May 2018: Hiding In Plain Sight – Hidden Costs and Low Cost Solutions


Outsourcing telecommunications solutions increases business capability, not cost.     

“Although initially viewed as simply a way to slash costs, in recent years other reasons for outsourcing, including operational efficiency and the desire to focus on the core business, have moved to the forefront.” 1  

Large companies often do not look at costs in non-operating areas (administrative work and processes) as carefully as one would expect, and oftentimes the potential to find cost savings is high. Generally, there are only a limited number of ways to reduce telecommunications costs and costs accrued from Office NPT™ (non-productive time): 

  • Outsource telecommunications management  
  • Find less-expensive suppliers 
  • Stay on top of new technology 
  • Use more efficient internal processes 

By taking document, data, and process management (among other company-required administrative tasks) away from higher paid team members and putting them on the plate of a highly skilled, less pricey Technical Editor, organizations enable team members to focus on core competencies. It is an effective way to stretch your budget, increase productivity, and benefit from a cost reduction of up to 40%: 

“Telecommunications is the second highest non-operating expense for the average Fortune 1000 firm. Most organizations can reduce these expenses by three to fifteen percent; some can cut costs by 30 to 40 percent. The key to achieving and maintaining lower telecom expenses is to understand industry drivers, technical alternatives, and effective telecom procurement and processing techniques.” 2  

Costs associated with Office NPT can be reduced in virtually every organization.

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