Social Power and Influence within a Team

An important aspect of Project Management that you shouldn’t overlook is understanding the formal and informal uses of social power within a team.  In this article, social power is the ability to influence decisions in a professional setting. By understanding the different types of social power and how they can be utilized will help you […]

New Project, New Culture?

New projects are exciting. The energy, the enthusiasm, and the intellectual challenge can be invigorating both personally and professionally; however, before you charge into your first meeting you should take a few minutes and make sure you understand the culture of the organization you are stepping into. Understanding how the group works can be the […]

W&A Monthly Newsletter, February 2019: I have two riding mowers

  By: John Wilson     I have two riding mowers. One, my favorite, is a big-deck, zero turn mower. The other, less used, is a straight-ahead mower with a steering wheel. It’s big advantage is that I can bag the cuttings. Typically, I avoid that, but the need arose, and I went to pull the […]

W&A Monthly Newsletter, June 2018: Honoring the Value Proposition

  By: John Wilson    We changed our Internet Service Provider (ISP) the other day – decided to go with a local company. When I called big boy to disconnect, they wanted to keep me and started making all sorts of offers based on my long tenure with them. As they offered lower prices and […]

W&A Monthly Newsletter, May 2018: Hiding In Plain Sight – Hidden Costs and Low Cost Solutions

  Outsourcing telecommunications solutions increases business capability, not cost.      “Although initially viewed as simply a way to slash costs, in recent years other reasons for outsourcing, including operational efficiency and the desire to focus on the core business, have moved to the forefront.” 1   Large companies often do not look at costs in non-operating areas (administrative […]

W&A Monthly Newsletter, March 2018: Employee Profile – James Denham

  James graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in biology, a minor in genetics, and nearly a second minor in biochemistry. His strong affinity for scientific ventures would naturally lead to a career in the subject. James began his professional career working as a technologist in a cytogenetics laboratory for the Baylor […]

W&A Monthly Newsletter, Feb 2018: What Dementia Taught Me about Communication

By: John Wilson    My wife has Frontotemporal Dementia with an emphasis on language.  Her vocabulary is steadily decreasing.  It has gotten to the point that most of our communication involves her repeating a few phrases couched within sentence structures that sound perfectly normal.  To see them written down, however, there would be no way […]

Wilson & Associates Monthly Newsletter, January 2018

  Virtual Teams: Guidelines for Team Members     By: Laura Kilgore     In previous articles we discussed some of the benefits and challenges of virtual teams and then focused on some ways team managers can facilitate virtual teams working together to produce a quality product.     If you, however, are working as a virtual team […]