Wilson & Associates Monthly Newsletter, December 2017

  Virtual Teams: Guidelines for Team Leaders     By: Laura Kilgore     As we discussed in our previous newsletter, managing virtual teams has both its challenges and benefits. Here, we’re going to explore some specific guidelines for managers of virtual teams that can help streamline the transition from face-to-face to remote. Many management tactics can […]

Wilson & Associates Monthly Newsletter, November 2017

  Virtual Teams:  What They Are and How They Work     By: Laura Kilgore    What are Virtual Teams?    As all Houstonians are acutely aware, back in September Hurricane Harvey dumped nearly 52 inches of rain on the city, causing severe residential and business flooding (chron.com). Among those affected were many corporate campuses whose […]

Wilson & Associates Monthly Newsletter, October 2017

  Lessons Learned      By: Bonnie Denham      I’ll never forget that phone call.  I received it while I was in a meeting. It has shaped the way I manage documents in my role as a Technical Editor ever since, even after changing companies.      “Bonnie, where is the completion program?!”   […]

Wilson & Associates Monthly Newsletter, May 2017

  Quarterly Profile: Chelsea Larsen    At J. Wilson and Associates, Inc. we take a lot of pride in the diversity of experiences and skill sets that make up our highly successful team. This quarter we’re highlighting Technical Editor, and W&A Legal Counsel, Chelsea Larsen:    Chelsea began her career working in education where she had […]

Wilson & Associates Monthly Newsletter, March 2017

  What do Technical Writers Do?   By Laura Kilgore  Technical writing, contrary to popular assumption, is not a one-dimensional role. When I first became a Technical Writer, I pictured myself poring over hard-copy documents, red pen in hand, making good use of the secret hieroglyphics of Editors that I had learned so proudly in […]

Wilson & Associates Monthly Newsletter, February 2017

  Where the Magic Happens  By:  Bonnie Bryan Denham As a Technical Editor that’s spent 4 years in the aerospace industry and 11 years in the oil and gas industry, a popular phrase I’ve gotten used to hearing is, “Work your magic.” This “magic” (mostly white magic, but sometimes involving a little black magic when […]