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Social Power and Influence within a Team

An important aspect of Project Management that you shouldn’t overlook is understanding the formal and informal uses of social power within a team.  In this article, social power is the ability to influence decisions in a professional setting. By understanding the different types of social power and how they can be utilized will help you […]

New Project, New Culture?

New projects are exciting. The energy, the enthusiasm, and the intellectual challenge can be invigorating both personally and professionally; however, before you charge into your first meeting you should take a few minutes and make sure you understand the culture of the organization you are stepping into. Understanding how the group works can be the […]

W&A Bi-Monthly Newsletter, June 2019: Sure, I can help with that

By: Bonnie Bryan Denham I often talk about what Technical Writers do, but not much about what one does NOT do. This is because I believe that a Technical Writer should be ready and willing to help their team in any way they can; and, why not make use of all your Technical Writer’s numerous […]

W&A Bi-Monthly Newsletter, April 2019 – What a Day Reducing Office NPT Looks Like

By: Bonnie Bryan Denham These days my day starts at 9am, because at 8am I’m still dueling it out with my 3-year old over what she will wear to pre-school, and a 3-year old is impervious to attempts to reduce Non-Productive Time (NPT). At 9am, I arrive to the client’s office, dock my laptop, and […]

W&A Monthly Newsletter, February 2019: I have two riding mowers

  By: John Wilson     I have two riding mowers. One, my favorite, is a big-deck, zero turn mower. The other, less used, is a straight-ahead mower with a steering wheel. It’s big advantage is that I can bag the cuttings. Typically, I avoid that, but the need arose, and I went to pull the […]

W&A Monthly Newsletter, June 2018: Honoring the Value Proposition

  By: John Wilson    We changed our Internet Service Provider (ISP) the other day – decided to go with a local company. When I called big boy to disconnect, they wanted to keep me and started making all sorts of offers based on my long tenure with them. As they offered lower prices and […]

W&A Monthly Newsletter, May 2018: Hiding In Plain Sight – Hidden Costs and Low Cost Solutions

  Outsourcing telecommunications solutions increases business capability, not cost.      “Although initially viewed as simply a way to slash costs, in recent years other reasons for outsourcing, including operational efficiency and the desire to focus on the core business, have moved to the forefront.” 1   Large companies often do not look at costs in non-operating areas (administrative […]

W&A Monthly Newsletter, March 2018: Employee Profile – James Denham

  James graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in biology, a minor in genetics, and nearly a second minor in biochemistry. His strong affinity for scientific ventures would naturally lead to a career in the subject. James began his professional career working as a technologist in a cytogenetics laboratory for the Baylor […]