Wilson & Associates Monthly Newsletter, June 2017


The Benefits of a Standardized Process  

While it may seem easier to the individual to use a personalized process in the work place, using a standardized (and well thought out) process saves a company time and money in the long run and makes it easier for team members to seamlessly move between projects.  This is compounded when collaboration, technology, and computers enter the equation.  There is nothing inherently bad about being unique, and doing things the way you are comfortable doing them is great.  Creativity is a good thing.  In modern offices and work settings, however, a lot of time and thought goes into what is seemingly the tiniest of details.  Some examples of those “tiny details” may include: where to save that file you are working on, what software to use, and even how and when to solicit comments and feedback.  It may sound trivial, but having everyone on your team operating under the same process every time is extremely valuable.

The problem with each person having an individual process is not with the individual.  It all makes perfect sense and, after all, it just works right. Files are exactly where you left them, your programs work (most of the time), and you just find it easier to send that document as an attachment and ask for comments that way.  But when everyone has their own individual way of doing things, consistency is sacrificed and what results is almost always counter-productive to the broader team’s success. 

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