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Quarterly Profile: Chelsea Larsen   

At J. Wilson and Associates, Inc. we take a lot of pride in the diversity of experiences and skill sets that make up our highly successful team. This quarter we’re highlighting Technical Editor, and W&A Legal Counsel, Chelsea Larsen:   

Chelsea began her career working in education where she had many opportunities to fine tune her editing skills. During this time she also gained experience with other types of communication, namely legal writing, through her work with the Criminal Justice Centers of both Harris and Fort Bend Counties, and in her years as a law student. She also had the unique experience of working in the Super Bowl Media Center which exposed her to the world of public relations and communication. This wide variety of practice with both written and verbal communication play into Chelsea’s success in her role as a Technical Editor.

Chelsea started at W&A in 2013, learning the ropes of the energy industry as a technical editing consultant for a small analytics company that was drafting reports on renewable energy resources. In that role, she was introduced to the language of engineers and quickly realized the importance of her responsibility to assist them in communicating very complex, technical concepts in a manner that could be clearly understood.

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